Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from culturally?
Puerto Rico

Where is your name from? 
My name root is Hannah. The origin is *Hebrew* meaning “full of grace, mercy and prayer.

Age: 16

Grade: Junior 

Where do you live? 
In sunny California :)) hint. im down south ;))

Do you do Promos?
Yes i do, you just have to ask politely (: (mbf me though)

Will you vote for me?
No, i will not. I feel like that’s all anyone message me for now a days so I’m stopping.

Can you like this post
No, I no longer like posts. It got way over used and I feel like my ask was being abused by this question. No. If you send me one I will ignore and delete it.

Do you follow back?
It all depends on your blog. I don’t check who follows me so if you want a follow back, you are just going to have to ask me to check out your blog(: [I won’t bother checking out unless you’re following me] 

Check out my blog?
Sure, but please be sure you are following me(:

Why did you unfollow me?
Well there are 4 reasons i unfollow:

  1. you were inactive for 4+ days  
  2. you posted porn, nudes, or weed (sorry I’m not a big fan of that stuff on my dash -_-) 
  3. You constantly post spams or your blogged was hacked… 
  4. You self promoted, sorry it’s just tacky and i don’t appreciate it.

If you’re not online how can i contact you?
Aol: Anais Tumblr
Twitter: @devizedd [follow me pwease :3]
e-mail: ask me and i’ll give it to you.